Complete Bespoke Guide to Men's Dress Codes

White Tie? Creative Black Tie? What Now?

So you've been invited to a wedding and the invitation says white tie, it is not unusual for panicked questions racing across your mind once the initial excitement is over. What is that? Can I wear a Tuxedo? Bowtie or Tie?

Fret not! We will list a quick rundown on all the formalities and Vestio Bespoke got you covered.

Morning Dress

+ Known as formal day dress or morning suit

+ Only worn during the day, before 6pm

+ Morning coat, cutaway front, peak lapels

+ Waistcoat, same fabric as coat or coloured ("odd waistcoat")

+ Trousers, grey striped or checks

+ Shirt, turndown collar with tie or high wing collar with formal ascot

+ Shoes, black oxfords or boots

+ Optional, top hat, cane, umbrella, pocket watch, boutonniere

White Tie

+ Known as full evening dress, tails or dress suits

+ Most formal style of dress for the evening

+ Tailcoat, peak lapels, worn unbuttoned

+ Waistcoat, white, low cut

+ Trousers, high waisted with braids on sides

+ Shirt, wing-tip with stiff fronts

+ Shoes, black shoes, court or opera

+ White Bowtie

Black Tie

+ Less formal than white tie

+ Tuxedo Jacket, dark coloured with silk lapels

+ Cummerbund or low cut, waistcoat, never both

+ Trousers, braids on sides

+ Shirt, winged-collar, cufflink holes, pleated or bib

+ Shoes, black, patent, or velvet slippers

+ Bowtie, Cufflinks, Shirt studs

Creative Black Tie

+ Twist on the formal black tie, play on the main attributes

+ Tuxedo Jacket, go loud with bold colours or patterns with silk lapels

+ Cummerbund/Waistcoat, coloured only if tuxedo is more subdued

Cocktail/Fashionable Attire

+ In between black tie and smart casual

+ Suit, try lighter colours, or lighter materials ie linens, or monotone